Eligra Sans Serif Font is a functional sans serif that includes open character openings, a uniform distribution of white and black, and excellent readability. Its straight and precise strokes create a versatile and timeless font. It has minimalist design. However, Eligra has unique features like its subtle swirls and curves, that add a dash of personality, while still maintaining the font’s simplicity and clarity.

Eligra has a large set of Latin characters, several alternates and different styles of numerals. It is clean, clear, stable and contemporary. A perfect choice for branding projects, graphic design or any other occasion where you want to convey consistency, while maintaining a contemporary and innovative look that differentiates in subtlety. Its simple, elegant style fits into any context, from websites and advertisements to documents and presentations.

Thanks very much to Eliezer Grawe. Eligra Sans Serif Font just personal use only, if you need for commercial use and full version please download in here.